More Wild Fun with Uncle Milton and Nat Geo!

A Macaroni Review

By Kindle Rising August 30, 2012
“An anteater!  I LOVE him!”  My daughters were thrilled to discover this adorable creature was part of our series of Uncle Milton toy reviews.  And this was before they learned of the anteater’s “sucking power.”  One of the Uncle Milton line of outdoor exploration toys, this Anteater Bug Vac allows children to “vacuum” insects up into a see-through plastic container in the anteater's belly.  The container can be removed for closer observation of the insects, and includes a small magnifying glass on the lid for VERY close observation.  The insects can then be released, unharmed and without the need for anyone (read: Mom) to touch them, and the process starts all over again, much to the delight of my daughters!  

Now, as you know, it’s been HOT outside, so other than the anteater, I’ve actually steered the girls away from some of the outdoor play this week in favor of air conditioned fun.  This doesn’t mean they weren’t able to enjoy their Uncle Milton/National Geographic toys, though.  We had Wild Games to enjoy!  The Nat Geo Wild Wild Card Games includes four familiar card games with animal makeovers:  Crazy Apes (Crazy Eights), Go Divin' (Go Fish), Old Ellie (Old Maid) and King of the Jungle (War).  The cards are oversized for small hands and the pictures are up to National Geographic standards. Go Divin’ is the current favorite for my 2- and 5-year-olds, but I might have to sneak in a little game of King of the Jungle (War) with my husband some time soon!

The other game we were privileged to try is perfect for my girls’ ages.  Nat Geo Wild Baby Animals Memory Match is just that: A memory game with adorable pictures of wild baby animals.  The cards are great quality, slightly chunky for small hands and overall durability, and they come in a box that allows for easy storage and transport. 

All in all, our month with Uncle Milton and Nat Geo Toys was an absolute blast.  We played outdoors and indoors, during the day and at night.  For any child who loves adventure, science, and animals, you can’t go wrong with these great toys!  Learn more about them here

These toys were provided to us for review.  We received no other compensation.  All opinions are expressly those of the author (and her children).