Calling All 1st and 3rd Graders!

Seeking 1st and 3rd Graders for a Research Study on Working Memory Development in Children

By Sponsored Content November 6, 2020

 Your child may qualify to participate in a research study about working memory.

What is working memory? 

Working memory is the portion of our human memory system responsible for simultaneously processing and storing incoming information. This study will help us better understand how working memory develops over time and how it affects learning.

What will my child do?

If your child qualifies, they will work online with us through Zoom to:

  • Complete thinking and language assessments
  • Play pirate-themed working memory games
  • Participate in 4-5 sessions (about 1 hour each) during each school year for 3 to 5 school years
  • Receive small prizes and $75 per year for participating

To consent to your child’s participation please do the following:

Complete the consent online by going to the following web address:

For more information, please email
Or call (480) 727-2169 (Phoenix)
Or text (520) 276-8709 (Tucson)