Virtual Tutoring Programs for Tucson Students

By East Tucson Macaroni Kid September 11, 2020

Accessing extra academic help can be a challenge during a normal school year, but it can be even more difficult (and necessary) during this era of remote learning.  We identified two virtual tutoring programs that students in Tucson can access for FREE during the 2020-2021 school year.

Peer2Peer Tutoring (for students in grades 9-12)

Peer2Peer Tutoring is a Tucson-based nonprofit that was started three years ago by University High School students Sonia, Esha, and Nikhil Mathur. P2P Tutoring’s goal is to provide free academic help to any high school student struggling in school. The organization pairs these students with volunteer tutors who are also in high school learning the same curriculums. 

When P2P Tutoring was first created, it was designed to work both remotely and in person. However, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, more has been done to make the remote version of P2P Tutoring more efficient.  They use different video conferencing tools as well as online workspaces and whiteboards to make remote learning as easy as possible. 

Peer2Peer Tutoring is currently accepting applications from students in need of tutoring, as well as from students who are interested in volunteering as tutors. Applications and more information are available on the P2P website:

Brainfuse Online Tutoring (for students in kindergarten through college)

Pima County Public Library offers free access to Brainfuse HelpNow, which provides on-demand virtual learning for anybody with a library card. From 2:00 PM-11:00 PM daily, students at any grade level can connect with a live virtual tutor for homework help, skill-building, test prep, and more. During the times when live tutors are not available, students can access other personalized e-learning tools. Visit for access to Brainfuse Tutoring and other learning resources for students. 

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