Enrichment Beyond the Classroom with Coy's Camps and Classes

Virtual and In-Person classes: Chess, STEM + Art, and more!

By Sponsored content from Coy's Camps and Classes July 24, 2020

Now more than ever Tucson parents are looking for quality enrichment programs outside of the traditional classroom. Coy’s Camps and Classes, owned and operated by certified elementary teacher, Molly Coy, offers virtual and in-person camps, classes, and kids night out programs that are offered online and in-person (following CDC guidelines).

Molly Coy also holds endorsements in Structured English Immersion, Early Childhood Education, as well as Gifted and Talented Education. She created Coy’s Camps and Classes so kids may have a place to learn without the added pressure of grades. Coy's Camps and Classes offers three main areas of service: camps, classes, and kids night outs. She has adapted many of her offerings to the online formats. 

One of Coy's Camps and Classes staple offerings is chess classes. How can your child benefit from learning chess? It is a great competitive game that teaches a variety of life skills including:

  • Working within an established set of rules
  • Taking turns
  • Winning and losing gracefully
  • Working under time pressure
  • Time management
  • Recovery after a bad move (choice)
  • Converting an advantage to a win
  • Responsibility
  • Learning from a loss
  • Importance of documentation

Chess classes are offered weekly online or in person (following CDC Guidelines*). Chess camps are offered on a frequent basis. Classes are offered for all levels of players. Molly Coy is also a certified tournament director for the U.S. Chess Federation and has directed multiple tournament events. Coach Matthew, the primary coach, is ranked in the top 5% of the nation.

While there is a focus on Chess, Coy’s Camps and Classes also offers camps with a STEAM (STEM + Art) focus. Recent online summer camps included Bug Camp, Ocean Camp, and Animal Habitats Camp. They also offer monthly Kids Night Outs so kids can have an enriching experience while parents relax with some time to themselves. 

The fall schedule of chess classes and kids night out events is already posted on the website. Registration for all activities can be done directly on the website at You can follow on Facebook at

*Safety Steps currently in place for on-site activities at Coy's Camps and Classes:

  • Operating at 25% capacity of 6 to 8 students (Aiming to stay at 6 but can add one or two siblings because they can be near each other)
  • Hand sanitizer at all tables
  • Sink in the location
  • Enforcing masks or face shields
  • Social Distancing
  • Eating outside in courtyard area for camps
  • CPR/First Aid certified instructor

3054 N. First Ave #4
Tucson, AZ 85719