Macaroni Review: Panda-monium at Creative Juice!

A truly creative way to spend your child's next birthday!

November 20, 2015

My newly 6-year-old daughter is a prolific artist. She draws, she paints, she20151025_143457.jpg sculpts. Although I love watching her creative process, it tends to get a little messy, and we go through art supplies like wildfire. For this reason, I try to take advantage of as many outside art opportunities as I can! This past summer, that love of art led us to Creative Juice. You may have heard of Creative Juice as the fabulous "art bar" where adults can go for girls' night or date night to paint and sip wine. Creative Juice also has wonderful kids' programs, including classes, summer camps...AND birthday parties. My daughter loved her summer camp at Creative Juice, so when her October birthday approached I suggested the idea of a Creative Juice party. She was ALL for it!

First order of business was to figure out which painting she thought all of her friends would enjoy. She thoughtfully scrolled through each and every option (see the choices HERE), finally settling on the panda, because she thought both the boys AND girls at her party would enjoy that. If nothing had suited her fancy, Creative Juice would have created a special painting just for her (for an additional charge); however, she was thrilled with the panda!


Helping my daughter choose the painting and scheduling the party were really ALL I had to do. Creative Juice provides all the art supplies and the instruction. The children get to take home their masterpieces, so there is no real need for goody bags or other giveaways (although we chose to continue with the panda theme and make panda balloons for the children to also take home).


A Creative Juice party lasts two hours, with about a half hour in the middle for cake and snacks We made a panda cake and had some veggies (because pandas are vegetarian, but my daughter didn't think she'd like to eat bamboo!) and fortune cookies. the kids were very occupied with their painting the rest of the time, which was fun to observe and easy-peasy for mom!


The children and parents alike all thought the event was just wonderful. The kids were proud of their pandas, and the parents impressed with how easy and fun the party was for all involved. The only thing I would have done differently for this crowd of 5- and 6-year-olds is have a little activity planned for the end of the party, when a few of the speedier (and more active) artists were finished and waiting for the rest of the group. In hindsight, a little panda face-painting station might have done the trick!

This was the perfect beginning start to my little artist's 6th year. She has her panda painting proudly displayed in her bedroom, and is already wondering what she'll create next at Creative Juice...she said she hopes she'll be invited to another party there soon!

I was provided with a birthday party in exchange for this review and additional promotion of Creative Juice. All opinions are my own.