Nighttime Fun with Uncle Milton Toys

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By Kindle Rising August 16, 2012
We’re back with more Uncle Milton National Geographic Explorer fun this week!  Last week my daughters and I reviewd the Explorer Toys for daytime fun.  This week we headed out at night with the High Sierra Eco Explorer Kit and the Expedition Sky Flare!

The High Sierra Eco Explorer Kit  (see picture above) is a headlamp and so much more!  We first used the headlamp for Night at the International Wildlife Museum, and my girls really felt like wildlife explorers!  The kit can also be used to collect small creatures, rocks, or plant specimens. It includes tweezers to pick up your finds, a magnifying jar to study them in, and the headlamp converts to a lamp for the jar, which allows for lighted examination of nature finds. The toy is easy to use, and full of opportunities for fun exploration!

The Expedition Sky Flare was the next nighttime item we tried. The girls oohed and ahhed as we launched the illuminated flare and watched it soar (up to 50 ft, per the claim on the packaging).  Like last week’s Earth Tag, this toy is recommended for ages 8+, and I agree that my young daughters needed some help and supervision to ensure that it worked correctly and also to make sure they were using it safely.  
For even more Uncle Milton inspired night fun, check out the Expedition Shoe Lights.  We weren’t able to review these, but they look great.  They snap onto your child’s shoes to light the way for night exploration with both a white LED pathfinder mode and red LED night-view mode.  It seems to me they would’ve also come in handy for keeping track of our two-year-old at the Night at the Museum Event!  

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These items were provided to me by Uncle Milton in exchange for a review.  All opinions expressed are my own.